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Who We Are

Our Background

We are  a Traditional Eclectic Wiccan group.  We have several practioners at the High Priestess level.  One of which is the founder of The Wyvern Moon Tradition.  Each of us have undergone a three degree system of training.  At present  there are four Covens.  Three teach in Vermont.  However, one of the Covens also teaches in Maine, and there is a Coven in North Carolina. 

Our Beliefs

As there are masculine and feminine  energy in all in Nature, there are also those same energies within each of us.  therefore, we honor both the Goddess and the God.  We believe there is a bit of divinity in everything.  Self growth and inner work is a mainstay of our practice.  We use a three degree system of training which, upon completion, will have prepared the new High Priestess/Priest to teach students of their own.  Each newHPS/HP can then choose to hive off and run their own Coven under this Tradition.  They may also choose to stay with the original Coven.

Our Practice

  We practice robed, not skyclad.  Our robes are black, as are the Book of Shadows each of us must keep.  We gather on the Sabbats and on the full and new moons.   We normally use the moon phases as a time for spellwork, divination or other work and to have student classes.  When we gather for Sabbats we hold ritual for the specific Holiday and usually have a feast for the Greater Sabbats.

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